Discover 365: Day 79

March 20, 2013

This was a fairly productive day! Got some stuff done at work, went to the gun range to fire off some rounds/relieve some stress, went to one of the local microbreweries with JM, and then went to our favorite little beer bar and met our men there. I love the days when I have plans after work. Sometimes I think I should just continue to plan things and screw this whole “relaxation” concept. Maybe my issue isn’t so much that I need to relax more, but maybe the issue is that I need to stop committing to so many long projects that end up wearing me down?

I suppose that’s something to think about. I definitely need to get back on my fitness routine, too, so maybe that’s where my focus should be for the forseeable future. It’s really hard to be in shape and drink as much beer as I would like to, though. Such a dilemma! 🙂


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