Discover 365: Day 57

February 26, 2013

Pretty much all of my attention has been on my play, my job, and my guy. I’m starting to feel like my posts are repetitive, which means that my life is slightly repetitive. I suppose if you’re happy with what you’re doing there is no concern about repetition, but I cannot help but feel like there should be more to life right now. I’m proud of myself for focusing on the positive instead of the negative and I truly feel that this exercise has helped, but I cannot stop feeling like I need to make some more changes in my life to get me where I want to be.

Not sure why I was thinking about all of this today. I guess I’m just trying to figure out where I might like to end up in life….

Aside from this obvious crisis of identity, I must say that life is not bad. It could definitely be a lot worse, and I will continue to focus on all of the positive things in my life!


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