Discover 365: Day 43

February 12, 2013

I suppose this is shaping up to be a great week, and I’m very excited about that! Without a doubt, the highlight of my day was running into DREW BREES! I was leaving happy hour with my girlfriends and as I came up the steps, I looked up at a guy who was standing with his two kids and his wife/girlfriend. I glanced at the guy and at first didn’t recognize him, but then I looked over at the woman and recognized her as looking just like Drew’s wife. Then I looked at the two boys, who looked just like him, and then looked at him and had that “HOLY CRAP, THAT’S DREW BREES!!!” moment. He kind of checked me out (probably because I was towering over him in my heels), and I just walked past him and had a minor freak out in the parking lot! Such a cool moment! I would have talked to him but didn’t want to bother him with his family. I totally would have bothered him if it was just him and his wife, though!

Aside from that, happy hour was a blast and it was a pretty mellow day! 🙂


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