Discover 365: Day 38

February 7, 2013

Any day where I know that I will not be working the next day is a great day! Took tomorrow off to go to Vegas early, so I had that in the back of my mind all day today. Rehearsal was fun as usual and we took cast photos tonight, so its great to see that we will have awesome pictures for the marketing material.

I realized today that I’m very happy to have the opportunity to be in this play, and it sounds like I am going to have a lot of friends and coworkers there to support me, so I hope all of our hard work ends up paying off and we produce an awesome show! One of the other actors in the play asked me today if I had any professional acting training (which I do not). When I told her the answer is no, she was shocked to hear that because she thought that I was amazing on stage. That felt great to hear, as I sometimes feel like I’m not portraying my part in the best way.

Life is BUSY with this show right now, so part of me will be relieved when it is over, but part of me will definitely miss the creative process that goes into producing one of these shows!


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