Discover 365: Day 5

January 5, 2013

HAPPY MOMENT: I went out with Marta and Claire to Pacific Beach to watch the Vikings game. While I was out I realized that I am definitely done with my relationship with Chris. There are no hard feelings there, but I need to take care of myself. This moment made me happy and it made me feel powerful.

MEANINGFUL SONG: “Last Night” by P. Diddy – I heard the song while I was out partying and I forgot how good it was. The song is not particularly meaningful to me but it does make me happy.

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE: “Quick decisions are unsafe decisions.” (Sophocles) – I took a few days to make my decision about Chris. I had to make certain that it is what I wanted. I am glad that I am getting better at thoughtful decision making.


This group of people provides burials to babies who got sick in the hospital and were abandoned or babies who were found in dumpsters. While this organization should not need to exist in the world, it really makes me feel good that these babies are not forgotten.


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