It’s actually pretty fitting that my first post would be about hockey since I am so utterly and ridiculously addicted to this sport. It goes back to my first hockey memory in 1990, when I was six years old, and the Penguins were making a run at the franchise’s first Stanley Cup. Legends like Mario Lemieux, Paul Coffey, and Kevin Stevens were my first idols as a child. As a child of the 80’s, where most girls idolized Barbie, I was busy watching my boys in the black and gold and wishing I could someday go to a hockey game!!! 22 years later, I’m still obsessed and I have indeed made it to several hockey games! 🙂

While hockey is an obsession, I must say that I have been disappointed in the first round of these 2012 playoffs. Talented players who are typically dazzling us with their skilled passes and shots are now turning into goons who take joy in hitting each other as opposed to scoring goals. Line brawls are now common occurences in some of these games. I understand that the playoffs are passionate and you cannot let the other team push you around, but really? Have the boys really devolved into this type of behavior? For the sake of everyone’s safety, and for the sake of the sport in the future, I really hope this is not a permanent change!


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